Customer Experience Study:

How well is your power company serving your needs?


Thank you for taking part in this important industry-wide study and telling us about your experience with your energy supplier during the past 12 months.Electricity and gas supply

The purpose of the study is to help participating power companies in New Zealand hear from their customers about what they do well and how they could improve.

The study is completely confidential and you will not be asked for any personally identifiable information

The questionnaire on the following pages contains three groups of questions to help us learn about:

  • You and your energy usage
    Just a few questions to help us understand the services the company provides to you (electricity, gas etc.)
  • Problems you may have encountered
    To discover if you’ve experienced any problems or concerns with your power company
  • Your overall satisfaction with your power company
    A few general questions about how satisfied you are with your power company

Please think about your dealings with your power company during the past 12 months
If you receive power from more than one energy supplier we would welcome your feedback about each.
(Please complete the questionnaire separately for each energy supplier you deal with).

Firstly, please tell us the name of the power company, the region and type of area in which you live.

  •   (if other)



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