Customer Experience Study  - “My New Zealand Bank”

Your experiences with your Main personal Bank

Thank you for taking part in this important industry-wide studyBanking

The findings will be passed back to participating banks to help them find out what they do well and, where they can improve their services.  The questionnaire on the following pages contains three groups of questions to help us learn about:

  • You and your banking
  • Problems you may have encountered with your main bank
  • Your overall satisfaction with your main bank

Depending on your answers, this will involve between six and eight short pages of questions and should take only about ten minutes to complete.  Your response is completely confidential and you will not be asked for any personally identifiable information.

Throughout the survey, please think about your dealings with your MAIN bank during the past 12 months

Firstly, please tell us the name of your MAIN bank and region in which you live.

  •   (if other)




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